Stephanie Schwarz

Stephanie Schwarz

Stephanie Schwarz is currently teacher of Computing subjects at Moriah College, Sydney.
Her students consistently do very well, often appearing in top 10 students in NSW in both IPT and SDD. Her experience goes beyond the classroom to include positions such as systems engineer for IBM, supporting systems such as Qantas, British Leyland, Streets Ice Cream, TAFE teacher, writer and consultant for the Software Design Syllabus, development and review of band descriptors, and Supervisor of Marking for the Board of Studies. Stephanie has been author for a series of Black Line Master, Aaron Butler IPT HSC Examination Samples, and suggested answers in both SDD and IPT. She has presented HSC Preparation for SDD and IPT to teachers and students in NSW metropolitan and country areas. Stephanie is a life Member of ICTENSW, and a regular presenter of ICTENSW HSC SDD Solutions sessions in Sydney.


2014 HSC Examination Roundtable - Software Design and Development

Audience: Computing Studies Teachers

ICT Educators NSW has a strong tradition of supporting Computing Studies HSC teachers. To that end, HSC examination workshops have been a popular item on our Conference agenda. The workshops provide an opportunity for HSC teachers to review the 2014 examination questions, connect questions to syllabus content and outcomes and foster robust discussions of possible solutions. The aims for these popular sessions are to provide teachers a forum to discuss examinations, exam technique, and course content being examined for the purpose of equipping educators with knowledge in how to best support their Stage 6 students.

Links: Software Design and Development 2014 HSC Examination and Markers notes -

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